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Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs Online Sale

If you are looking to buy zoysia grass plugs online, you want to make sure that you get them from a quality supplier who harvests the plugs fresh before shipping them out to you.

Freshly harvested plugs will take root quicker and start spreading that much quicker.

Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs Online Sale

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How big are the plugs?

You have a choice of getting the plugs shipped in sheets where you can cut them into 1″ x 1″ squares  (or any size that you prefer) or you can order them is 3″ plugs that are pre-cut for you.  These 3″ plugs are called “super plugs” as they are bigger, spread quicker and are less work for you as you will not need to cut them.

How are the plugs shipped?

All plugs are shipped the same day that they are packed – no sitting around and drying out.  They are packed in a box with a moisture proof lining to prevent them drying out during transportation.

Do you have to plant them right away?

Because the zoysia grass is a living plant, it is wise to plant them as soon as you can.  That being said, if you need to wait a few days (perhaps wait for the weekend), it’s not a problem.

You will need to take the zosyia plugs out of the box and make sure that they get some sunlight as well as mist them with water to keep them moist until planting.

You must plant them withing two weeks of receipt of the plugs.

Does zoysia grass grow in shady areas? Yes, but it does need some sunlight (ie. through the leaves of trees). Zoysia cannot be in 100% shade ALL of the time. Your grass should get 2-3 hours of sunlight a day.  CLICK HERE for more info and pricing.

Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs Online


Buy Zoysia Grass Plugs Online Sale

Buy Zoysia Plugs Online

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