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Review of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber Power Scrubber for the Bathroom

In this review of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber a spin brush to clean the tub, shower and grout in your bathroom, we’ll look at the pros and cons of this spin brush.  This review will also provide insights and other uses of the product that may affect the decision of some to buy it.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is designed to eliminate hard-to-lift stains, mineral deposits, mold, and mildew.

Pros of the Hurricane Spin ScrubberHurricane Spin Scrubber Review

This is a long handle cleaning brush that allows you to access corners, reach across the bathtub easily and reach in to higher areas.

The handle extends out 44 inches which makes it easier on your back and arms when cleaning.   Thoroughly scrub your bathtub or kitchen floors without bending over or working on your hands and knees.

This spinner comes with a rechargeable battery which means you don’thave to keep on buying batteries to make it work.  When you first get the spinner, you will need to charge it overnight (20 hours) and after that each charge is 8 hours.   A little red light shines when the unit is charging.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber come with 3 unique  and different brush heads that are take in and out. The  dome brush is great for general cleaning. It can used for lots of tasks from scrubbing sinks to cleaning shower fixtures. There is the corner brush that cleans deep in to the corners where soap scum and grime build up.  For large surfaces (floors, tiles and walls), you should use the large flat brush.

The brushes are easy to change with one another.

Being cordless, it gives you mobility to move around as you need it.

The spinning rotation is 300 rounds per minute – which is way faster that what I can scrub at!

Cons of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Little quirk with the recharging of the battery in that the light does not go green nor does it shut off when the unit is fully charged.  The red light stays on so you don’t know if the charging is complete or still on-going.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber Complaints

You cannot use the spinning brush while it is plugged in – you will have to wait until it is charged.

If you put too much pressure on the unit, the spinning of the brush will slow down.

Other Uses of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Cleaning kitchen faucets

Cleaning outdoor furniture

Cleaning patio items

Cleaning kitchen tiles and grout

Hurricane Spin Scrubber Cordless Rechargeable Spin ScrubberHurricane Spin Scrubber Cordless Rechargeable Spin ScrubberCheck Price


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